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Within blue-c we develop new architecturally biased applications that employ the technology. We focus on new information technologies, which are used in combination with common presentation media. We investigate ways to employ these approaches in designing new technologically enhanced environments.

IN:SHOP is the first example application to investigate and analyze the possibilities to integrate the blue-c technology in built architecture. Today, multimedia elements such as large projection walls and information terminals form an integral aspect of the architecture of modern shops. IN:SHOP takes this trend one step further by integrating the latest information and communication technology, including spatially immersive displays and telepresence. As opposed to current one-way communication media, interaction and remote collaboration form an integral part of the concept.

We designed IN:SHOP with a focus on the user experience and the architectural design of a virtual space and the possible integration into real shopping locations. With IN:SHOP, we demonstrate a shop-in-the-shop concept with geographically disparate customers and sales clerks who interact with 3D representations of real objects in real-time. IN:SHOP is designed to bring distant physical shops together in a virtual space, providing a strong sense of corporate identity that goes beyond unified appearance and architecture. We implemented the concept for an haute couture fashion shop and a car seller.

[Silke Lang]

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