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Infoticles is a novel exploratory information visualization technique that allows users to analyze database contents within immersive virtual reality environments. This metaphor represents data objects as particles which are placed inside a three-dimensional scene. Forces, which correspond to particular data values, influence matching infoticles according to the rules of Newtonian mechanics.

Infoticles combine the characteristics of human motion perception with the concepts of immersion and stereoscopic vision, enabling users to detect data patterns by observing spatial transformations of dynamic data streams. While earlier approaches in the field of particle-based information visualization focus on spatial clustering mechanisms of similar data entities, this metaphor instead addresses especially the motion properties of particles.

Infoticles are useful in visualizing time-based datasets because of their interpretative, perceptual animation properties and their ability for a high degree of user interaction. These principles are demonstrated through visualizations of diverse datasets, such as finance data or knowledge-spreading network usage logs, and in close collaboration with an outside industry partner. The infoticle metaphor uses the blue-c tele-presence technology to bring remote experts together in a shared, virtual visualization world to handle and analyze the data in an effective, collaborative way.

[Andrew Vande Moere]

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