collaborationactive panelscavepowerwall   concept
We acquire the video frames in a small time slot between the projection frames for the left and right eye. The walls are “opened” during a short time slot of typically 3.6 ms to acquire the video frame. During the acquisition time slot the shutters for both the user’s eyes and for the projectors are entirely opaque to avoid disturbing artifacts, in particular highlights and flickering. Thus, we overlay the acquisition phase without having to modify the projection cycles.

blue-c concept
timing diafram including the trigger signals for all actively synchronized hardware components

Currently, processing speed limits the video acquisition rate to 8.9 Hz. Hence, the system grabs frames in every 7th window. Note that the trigger signals must be shifted to account for the individual delays of the components. A custom synchronization device was designed which generates the required timing and trigger patterns for all components of blue-c.

opaque glass panels transparent glass panels electronic switch
opaque glass panels

transparent glass panels electronic switch