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The first blue-c portal is based on a three-sided stereo projection system. In order to have a full coverage of the user inside the system, 16 cameras are placed outside of the projection room. Special liquid crystal projection screens allow the cameras to look inside the projection room while simultaneously serving as a back projection screen for the user.

blue-c cave portal

Each projection wall is made of three LC panels with a very small gap in between. This is due to the limited manufacturing capabilities of the distributor and due to the limited width. The upper construction is realized with fiber reinforced composites (glass and carbon). They are stiff enough to keep the LC projection panels safely in place and at the same time still small and nice from a design point of view. Cable channels are integrated in the beams with enough space for the cables of all the components placed on the upper part of the construction, including the cables for the active projection screens.

projector-camera arrangement blue-c design blue-c installation
arrangement design installation