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Many applications demand support for telecollaboration. In recent years, much research has been devoted to enhance spatially immersive displays by a variety of technical solutions to support telepresence in combined virtual and real environments. blue-c was motivated by the desire to combine the advantages of the total immersion experienced in a CAVE™ with simultaneous real-time 3D video acquisition and rendering from multiple cameras. By developing a novel combination of projection and acquisition hardware and by designing and refining a variety of algorithms, we create photorealistic 3D video inlays of the user in real time and at a quality that goes well beyond the known 2D video billboards or sprites.

network schema
participants at the two blue-c portals are able to
perceive each other inside a virtual world

Both blue-c-I installations are connected via a gigabit link between the departement of Computer Science located at the ETH Center and the Departement of Architecture located at the ETH Campus on the Hönggerberg. Together they constitute the blue-c system which allows a full 3D real-time integration of users into shared virtual spaces.