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 Vande Moere Andrew, Mieusset Kuk Hwan, Gross Markus, "Visualizing Abstract Information using Motion Properties of Data-Driven Particles", in Proc. of Conference on Visualization and Data Analysis 2004, IS&T/SPIE Symposium on Electronic Imaging 2004, San Jose, CA, January 2004.

 Lang Silke, Naef Martin, Gross Markus, Hovestadt Ludger, "IN:SHOP: Using Telepresence and Immersive VR for a New Shopping Experience", in Proceedings of Vision, Modeling, Visualizaion 2003 (VMV'03), Munich, Germany, November 19-21, 2003.

 Lang Silke, Hovestadt Ludger, "An Architectural Framework within a Spatially Immersive Environment for Advanced Communication", in Proc. of DIGITAL DESIGN - 22th International eCAADe Conference, Graz, September 2003.
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 Vande Moere Andrew, Mieusset Kuk Hwan, "Translating Data Updates Into Dynamic Particle Behaviour", in Proc. of HCI2003 Workshop on Metaphor and HCI, Bath, England, September 2003.
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 Vande Moere Andrew, "Interactive Poster: Immersive Information Modeling using Particles", in Poster Compendium of IEEE Symposium on Information Visualization (INFOVIS'02), Boston, October 2002, pp.32-33.

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