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Many developments have resulted out of this research project. Since new technologies and new materials were combined to a new system, some components had to be custom made in order to support the simultaneous picture acquisition and stereo projection.

We devised a novel 3D video processing pipeline tailored to our needs. It utilizes 3D irregular point samples as video primitives and combines the simplicity of 2D video processing with the power of 3D video representations. This allows for highly effective encoding, transmission, and rendering of 3D video inlays.

We designed a network communication architecture for the blue-c system. It offers various services for managing the nodes of the distributed and heterogeneous setup and implements communication channels for real-time streaming, suited for 3D video, audio, and synchronization data.

We also implemented a fully automatic, self-calibration method for multiple cameras and without the need of any known calibration object.

mechanical setup point rendering calibration measurements
mechanical setup point

callibration measurements