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The computer networking and communication research activities of the blue-c project focus on the design and implementation of a communication architecture for tele-immersive and collaborative virtual reality system. Platform independence and scalability from high-end to low-end systems is achieved through the use of a powerful communication middleware and an advanced programming model, including Quality of Service features. The networking requirements and data classes of immersive collaborative virtual environments are analyzed as the communication layer must support different end-applications. Feedback information from both application and communication network is taken into account for dynamic system adaptation.

blue-c concept
blue-c network diagram

The blue-c communication layer supports the transmission of audio data and user interaction with the shared virtual environment, as well as high-quality geometry-enhanced video representations of human users. Efficient coding and compression schemes for this real-time 3D video streaming and recording are devised.
[Edouard Lamboray]

blue-c network diagram blue-c communication design
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