immersion blue-c combines the qualities of total immersion experienced in CAVE™-like environments with simultaneous, real-time 3D video acquisition and rendering from multiple cameras. This concept enables a number of participants to interact and collaborate inside an immersive, virtual world, while perceiving the photorealistic three-dimensional human inlays of their collaboration partners in real time.

construction The blue-c project has pushed many issues regarding technology, such as a projection concept using active screens, a 3D video processing pipeline, a network communication architecture, and a camera callibration technique. Additionally, built upon the blue-c API, a set of applications were developed that deal with information visualization, shopping experiences, and product development.

immersion The blue-c research is highly interdisciplinary in nature and required the expertise of twenty participants originating from four different academic chairs: computer graphics, computer vision, mechanical engineering, and architecture. Their continuous efforts resulted into a number of Ph.D.s, scientific publications, and many multimedia impressions such as images and movies, collected into the blue-c visuals.