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The blue-c requires simultaneous projection and picture acquisition. Different solutions have been implemented to satisfy these sometimes contradictory requirements.

Active glass panels are used as projection screens for the three sided projection room. This glass panels are based on Liquid Crystal technology and are switched between opaque and transparent at a frequency of 60 Hz. During the transparent phase 16 cameras, mostly surrounding the projection room, capture images of the person inside the installation.

An active illumination, consisting of 10'000 white LEDs, is triggered during the acquisition to illuminate the person. To hide the illumination from the user's eyes, modified shutter glasses have been implemented which turn both eyes black when the illumination is on.

Two LC projectors are used per side. Additional ferro -electric LC shutters, mounted in front of the projector lenses, are switched alternately to generate an active stereo projection. Furthermore, both shutters are switched to black to reduce projection interferences during picture acquisition.

A special synchronisation electronic drives all the above mentioned components. An -processor is used in the electronic for a maximum flexibility.
[Christian Spagno]

projector leds glass
projector with LC shutter active illumination

active glass